About DIDI in New Jersey


Dream It. Do It. (DIDI) is a part of the Manufacturing Institute out of Washington, DC. This nationwide initiative is comprised of an expanding network of thirty-eight states dedicated to inspiring young people, parents, and educators to consider manufacturing careers for the next generation of workers in this country. That inspiration is created through the introduction of and support for interactive and bold programs that are stimulating, exciting, and productive. These programs sweep away the misperceptions of manufacturing and replace them with the reality of state of the art science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-oriented endeavors which define the current and vibrant advanced manufacturing industry.

DIDI-New Jersey (DIDI-NJ) is also helping our next generation of workers, along with their parents and educators, to understand the resurgence of the manufacturing industry in New Jersey and the rest of the country. Put directly, today, manufacturing offers challenging jobs that require advanced education which provide and generate good salaries and significant opportunities for career advancement. This solid and professional employment opportunity has presented itself to New Jersey in a very big way. We must be ready for it. The creation of an active pipeline of engaged, young talent to fill the growing employment needs of today’s advanced manufacturers is an important objective of the nation-wide Dream It. Do It. Network.