With so many announced job opportunities… why don’t parents, community colleges, universities, high schools, and grade schools, come running?

MFG page ImageAs a manufacturer you understand better than most that getting the next generation of young people interested in advanced manufacturing careers is challenging.   It requires exposure and education to change the misperceptions that parents, teachers, counselors and students have about manufacturing.  Do you have the time to dedicate to this important cause?  It takes a plan.

When manufacturers partner with DIDI-NJ, we can change the perception of manufacturing…together!

Working with many other manufacturers, we can share, show and engage today’s youth, your next skilled employee, about the exciting careers in manufacturing.

Ways to get started 

ManufactureNJ (M-NJ) Talent Network and Dream It. Do It. (DIDI – NJ) plan and organize stimulating, hands-on events for New Jersey’s young people in grades K-12.  Through activities, tours, competitions and guest speakers in advanced manufacturing, the students learn about careers and training that exists today and will be needed in the future.


  • Become at Donor or Participant. We’re all in this together, so we welcome all levels of support at DIDI-NJ.
  • Hosting a plant tour for students, parents, educators, and policy makers can be great resources for managers to help teach kids, “What’s so cool about manufacturing?” It’s a great way to start the conversation!
  • Become a Young Manufacturers Academy sponsor.
  • Be part of “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Video Competition by inviting a group of students to your plant to create an inspiring video featuring your company!
  • Take part in the Annual NJ Manufacturing Day which is always the first Friday in October.
  • Take part in M-NJ’s upcoming one-day Industry Summit.

Contact Michael Marchetti at to get started.



The MechaForce Program

Become part of MechaForce. This program is an educational pathway to a career in advanced manufacturing.  MechaForce is adapted from the German Dual Skills model of formal and hands-on learning in appropriately equipped modern training labs and on the job. MechaForce provides the student with a structured and sequential educational, apprenticeship and career pathway leading to a high school diploma, college level associate’s degree, and industry certification.  Of course, the student has the option of continuing on for a bachelor’s degree.   Throughout MechaForce, learners are shaped so that they are career-ready, at many levels, for future employers offering great salaries!

MechaForce students are highly motivated and talented students and come from across New Jersey.  The one common characteristic which all the learners share is their interest in preparing for roles in advanced manufacturing, specifically mechatronics and metal technology, in order to fill a workforce gap.

If you’re interest in working along with MechaForce contact Ian Trammell at

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