A job in advanced manufacturing is a solid and fruitful career goal.

As a parent you understand how important it is for your child to be exposed to several career paths. This has become especially important with the new world economy.  Some career paths may require post high school educational experience while others do not.   DIDI-NJ works to expand your child’s mind and vision of the world by nurturing their dreams and experiences.  This will help them to carve out a future filled with fun and rewarding challenges.  DIDI-NJ will help them, and you, to better see what the future can hold for those who are prepared!

How do we do this?

The DIDI-NJ program offers children in grades K-12 the opportunity to experience advanced manufacturing in New Jersey.  This is done by way of manufacturer’s tours, summer camps, competitions, guest speakers and, best of all, lots of hands on activities along the way.  Throughout these experiences children learn that advanced manufacturing is an exciting and viable career choice; one with a great future!

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