A Career in Manufacturing has Great Future Potential.

Today’s manufacturing is about advanced technologies, state of the art facilities, and fast paced work environments. But most of all, manufacturing is about the people who like to see ACCOMPLISHMENT after a productive day’s work.

Regrettably, many people still see manufacturing as “dirty, dangerous and dead end” sweatshops offering long hours and low pay.  Students use adjectives like boring, repetitious, and dangerous to describe their pre-conceived notions of manufacturing.  These images are no longer true.

DIDI-NJ’s educational programs show young people, FIRST HAND, that advanced manufacturing jobs are clean and technology driven.  Students learn that employees at all levels must have a broader range of training to fill the demands in this complex technological environment.  Additionally, most careers in manufacturing are better paid than similar careers in other industries. Some of these careers have easy-to-meet entry requirements while others require a college degree or more.  …….AND….THERE ARE JOBS!

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