Manufacturing is a Smart Choice for Your Future!

Do you want to positively impact other people’s lives?  Are you interested in how things work?  Does it excite you to think that you could become a changemaker and create things that no one has ever made before?  Would you like to explore ways to make things using fewer resources?   If you answered, “YES!” to even one of these questions, then a career in advanced manufacturing is for you!   You can begin to explore the rich field of advanced manufacturing through a traditional four year college experience, or by earning a certificate through non-credit training programs, or associate’s degree from a manufacturing program in some places while in high school.  New Jersey’s MechaForce program is one such avenue for you to explore. You could even study while being paid a great salary!  There is so much that you could do all you have to do is start!

Programs & Events for Students


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How can I get started with Dream It. Do It.?

If you’re a student, or know of a student in grades K – 12 who is interested in how things work, you can become part of DIDI-NJ sponsored by the ManufactureNJ Talent Network hosted by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Contact Michael Marchetti at: 973-596-5387 or email at

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