Events and Programs

DIDI YMSA Stryker Knee repacement surgery group

Examples of DIDI-NJ Events and Programs include:
Young Manufacturers Academy (YMA)
“What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Video Competition
DIDI500 Car Competition
The Dream Team and Ambassador Programs
MechaForce Program

DIDI-NJ plans, presents and organizes stimulating, hands-on programs and events for New Jersey students in grades K -12.  Parents are also encouraged to be a part of these activities.  During fun activities such as academies, workshops, competitions manufacturing tours and hands-on-based classes, our students begin to understand and appreciate how fascinating and multifaceted manufacturing really is.  They understand and learn about a host of manufacturing careers and training programs that exist today and that will be needed in the future.

“It’s so great to see these young people, and their parents, just come alive and sparkle as they experience the events that we have to offer!

Michael Marchetti, Manager, DIDI-NJ

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