DIDI500 Car Competition

This stimulating, competitive and fun event is all about your team, your car, and your imagination!  This first competition is currently set for teams from Piscataway High School.  The engaging task is for them to design, and build a small rubber band-powered car.  Teams of four students each are given two and a half hours to construct their cars.  The cars don’t have to be fast, they just have to roll straight, carry as big a load as possible, and travel as far as possible.

Once the races are completed, the high school students then get the chance to sell their cars as they explore the business and marketing aspects of product development, design and sales.  They prepare a two-to-three minute marketing pitch which is presented to a panel of judges.  They also field any questions that might pop-up from the panel.  The objective is to sell their car to the panel.

Teams are judged on their creativity, professionalism and team involvement.  These elements are then considered, along with the racing score, to determine the overall winning team.  It’s intense, it’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s manufacturing!!


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